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Why your brand needs logo variations

Branding is more than just your logo. It encompasses the full experience a client has interacting with your business. If you’re looking to better connect with your ideal clients, your business will need a cohesive and versatile brand identity.

So what does a versatile brand identity look like? An important part is logo variations. If you’ve never heard of that term before, don’t worry, they’re just altered versions of your primary logo. For example, if your primary logo is horizontal, one of the variations would be vertical.

In today’s blog post, I’ll explain the most common logo variations your brand will need, and which marketing applications go with which variations.

Logotype: commonly referred to as the “logo.” This is the most frequently used logo as it is centered around the company name or initials. Logotypes are typically horizontal and the most extensive of all brand designs.

Placement: website or blog headers, business cards, signs and banners, products and packaging, and promotional merchandise.

Monogram: a logo made up of initials for use in small spaces. A monogram is a small, usually circular logo that includes your brand’s initials.