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Build your dream design agency

Ready to take control of your career and become a luxury brand and web designer? Keep scrolling to learn our method for scaling a successful design business with templates, trainings, courses, and mentorship.


High Ticket Designer masterclass

Learn how to raise your rates to the luxury level, book high ticket clients, and scale your business with our FREE masterclass with Meredith Cancilla, brand + web design expert.

STEP 01:

Brand Designer Toolkit

Get your business up and running in as fast as 2 hours with the ultimate template collection for designers. Combining 9 of our high-converting pitching, onboarding, and process templates that we use in our signature brand service!

STEP 02:

Dream Big Designer

Are you ready to build an agency that gives you more freedom, attracts your dream clients, and generates revenue through passive income streams? With Dream Big Designer, it's time to step into your CEO mindset and start building your net worth. Let us help you create a strategy that maximizes your potential and puts you on the path to success.

STEP 03:


Tools of the trade

If you're like me and have tried every email marketing platform out there just to end up frustrated, this is for you. We started using Flodesk and love the way our newsletters look. Use our link to grab 50% off your first year.

The ultimate CRM system for easily sending off proposals, contracts, and invoices to clients that helped improve our booking rate instantly! Get 20% off your first month or year using our link below:

The project management tool we use for all client projects and internal team tasks - a GAME changer that'll keep you organized AF.

The high-converting checkout software we use for all of our digital products and courses.

Accounting software for real humans (and non finance-bro business owners).

Want to continue your design education so you can charge a more premium price point? Definitely check out Skillshare where you can learn from hundreds of industry experts all from your own couch. Get one month free using our link below:

Need a privacy policy for your website? Or a chargeback policy for your design contract? Check out Legalmiga for all of your legal needs. Use code MER10 at checkout for 10% off!

Hands-down the best web design software out there with maximum creative control and advanced animation / SEO options that we use for every client! 

Just a heads up—we only rave about companies we genuinely believe in, have used before, and LOVE. Quick note: some of the links in this content are affiliate links, meaning we might earn a little somethin'-somethin' if you decide to make a purchase through them.

1:1 Coaching with Meredith

We’re going to revamp your offer suite, optimize your client acquisition, plan your launches, improve your systems, skyrocket your profit, expand your team, identify areas for scale, create passive products, and build out your funnel.

STEP 04:

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