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5 reasons why you need to become a brand and web designer NOW!

If you’ve been on the fence about starting a creative career as a designer, this one’s for you. I’ve been in your shoes... You don’t want the corporate grind that just pays the bills; you want a career where you can thrive and feel a higher sense of purpose. You want a career that challenges you to solve problems in creative ways where no two days are ever the same.

If everything I just said makes you feel like I’m hitting the nail on the head, then let me introduce you to a fun and flexible career path: a brand and web designer!

Being a brand and web designer is the MOST fulfilling creative career (ok, I might be biased here…but trust me). It’s overflowing with creativity, you can work from anywhere, be your own boss, literally get paid for making aesthetically pleasing concepts, and the room for growth is exponential.

Let me break down a few reasons why now is the best time for you to seize your future as a brand and web designer:

1. You can work from wherever and set your own schedule.

One of the most exciting aspects about being a brand and web designer is the freedom it gives you to work from pretty much anywhere you like. The age of the digital nomad designer has arrived. This means that with your laptop and sketchbook, you can set up shop from a beach in Bali to a coffee shop in New York City. The demand for good designers is high, and you can work with clients all around the world.

2. You can run your own studio and be your own boss.

Like I previously mentioned, there is always going to be a demand for designers. Especially as more companies realize the importance of strong, consistent branding and an online presence to engage their customers. Being your own boss and running your own studio allows you to have control over your schedule, work/life balance, income, client base, and more. Now who would say “no” to that?

3. You literally get paid for being creative.

Designers are creative problem solvers, who jump at the new challenge presented from a client brief. As a brand and web designer, you’ll spend your days working out the best way to communicate your client’s message in visual form. Your creative mind will never stop learning, there are always new trends, new techniques, and new sources of inspiration to gather. And the best part? You get paid to be creative. Mind = blown.

4. You can work with your dream clients.

Because every industry in the world benefits from good branding, there is a need for designers in virtually every niche you could imagine. From skincare to photographers to fashion designers to beauty products to wedding vendors to wineries, you name it and that industry needs great branding and web design! This means you can be selective in the type of clients you choose to work with. Does designing a brand for organic skincare companies sound like a dream to you? You can make it a reality by becoming a designer!

5. Your room for growth is exponential.

Graphic design is a career path that is filled with opportunities. There is no ceiling for growth. Which means your room for growth is exponential. How many of us have worked in corporate jobs at the bottom of the totem pole where the room for growth was stagnant or nonexistent? Not the case with being your own boss as a designer! You decide your rates, how much you want to work, and how far your growth expands.

The next steps.

Are you the type of person who loves to improve your skills and push yourself creatively? Are you naturally curious and think differently about the world around you? Then graphic design is a career path that can give you a real sense of fulfilment.

Bottom line, life is too short to stay in a job that you hate. If you feel like you are stuck in a job that doesn’t inspire you, then let’s take those next steps to a more exciting career path together.

If you’re ready to become a brand and web designer NOW, then check out our course, Dream Big Designer, where I teach you how to build a profitable, scalable design business with confidence.

Dream Big Designer will show you how to re-work your services to maximize profit (so you can hire a team, take time off, and bring in $$$ anytime you want), raise your rates, work with dream clients, build passive income, and set up proven systems In your client process that are designed to build a massive referral network. Don’t sleep on this incredible opportunity - you can learn more about the course HERE


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