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What you need in brand identity design services

Attention business owners: do not make the mistake of thinking that your brand is just a logo! While a logo is definitely a key part of your brand, it’s not the entire brand. Your brand identity should be full of assets that will help you (and your team) create consistency and recognition across all platforms and materials with ease.

If you’re thinking, “well what exactly do I need in a brand identity?” We’ve got you. We’re going to go over everything that’s included in our signature brand identity design services and why each piece is so important.

  1. Logo suite: Your logo suite should include different logo variations so that you’re able to create on-brand content and materials, while looking polished, professional, and trustworthy. Remember, not every logo works in the same space. For example, you need one for small spaces like your IG profile pic, one for vertical spaces, one for horizontal spaces, one for primary brand recognition, etc.

  2. Brand color palette: Custom brand colors are a huge piece of creating brand recognition. A custom color palette will ensure you’re creating consistency on all channels and lead to attracting more dream clients.

  3. Typography: In a proper typography suite, you'll get access to a collection of fonts as well as instruction for using them correctly in regards to hierarchy, legibility, and style (so you know which font to use for titles, and which to use for buttons, etc.).

  4. Launch graphics: Quixotic clients also receive custom social media templates to launch with and use for years to come!

  5. Brand guide: Once you receive your stunning, new brand it’s important that you know how to use it! Meet your brand guide. When you work with us, you’ll get video tutorials and a 50+ page manual walking you (and your team members) through exactly how to use your new brand assets so your brand always looks polished, professional, and gorgeous.

In summary, if you hear us screaming “a brand is more than a logo!” from the rooftops, now you know why. We already know you kick a$$, but with a full custom brand identity, the rest of the world will be able to recognize how incredible your business is, too!

Our 5-week brand identity and strategy process is carefully designed to position, differentiate, and elevate your business. Your brand will feel like the engine driving your business forward toward success.

what you need in brand identity design services like a color palette, typography, logo suite, and brand guide.
what you need in brand identity design services


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