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What successful brands do differently

Have you ever looked at a super successful brand and felt that FOMO kicking in? You see these brands selling out with every product drop, getting featured in Forbes, and growing their audience like crazy. And you can’t help but wonder, “how do they do it?!”

We’re here to spill the tea and uncover some game changing strategies to help you discover some ways to improve your own brand. So, without further adieu, here’s what successful brands are doing differently:

  1. They follow trends strategically. Instead of blindly changing their brand's look (i.e. fonts and colors) to match every Pinterest trend, successful brands take a different approach. They integrate current cultural trends in creative ways that align with their brand's personality. From spicy meme posts to industry trend reports in their email newsletters, or even forming strategic partnerships with trending TikTok stars – these brands stay on-trend while maintaining their unique identity. What makes them different from your basic brand is that they never prioritize trends over staying true to themselves. It's all about participating in trends without compromising brand recognition and consistency.

  2. They don’t follow the herd. While others may be stalking competitors on Instagram and imitating said competitors’ every move, successful brands carve their own path. They understand the importance of standing out in the market. In embracing their unique vision, they create something extraordinary that sets them apart in the eyes of their audience. Instead of looking to their competitors for inspiration they focus on their unique value and continually find new ways to stand out.

  3. They listen to their audience. Successful brands know that real growth comes from understanding their audience. They gather valuable data and feedback to gain deep insights. They integrate this knowledge into their products, offers, content, and more. By better connecting with their audience, they forge strong relationships that boost sales and loyalty. It's all about making your audience feel heard and valued.

  4. They invest in experts. Ever notice the difference between a brand that uses stock imagery and one that invests in professional photography? Or a business that has an obviously DIY’d website vs. one with a beautiful, professionally designed site? Successful brands understand the power of expertise. They know when to bring in professionals for areas outside their zone of genius. In collaborating with specialists, they present a polished, cohesive, and one-of-a-kind look. Remember, it's okay to seek help and surround yourself with experts who can tackle those tasks that don't *spark joy*.

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