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Become a Booked Out Designer

Tired of stressing about where your next client is coming from? Feel like you’re in constant feast and famine mode, unable to relax because your income is so inconsistent?

Then this is for you, fam! Let’s go over the strategies we use to stay consistently booked out with dreamy, high-budget clients.

  1. Audience connection - We take the time to get to know our ideal client so well that we can speak directly to them in our IG content, emails, website copy, etc. This ensures that they feel heard and supported which allows them to feel comfortable (and excited) to trust us with their brand.

  2. Sharing our work - In order to attract a high quality client base, we make sure to prioritize sharing new client projects. AND when we share our work, we plug the designs into high quality mockups and/or branded photos so that we stand out from competitors and show potential clients what’s possible for them when they work with us.

  3. Real client results - We focus on getting our current clients incredible results. Not only does this lead to a strong referral network, but it also makes it easy for us to collect powerful testimonials so that we can easily show the power of branding to potential clients. The more proof of results we have, the more high-budget clients we attract.

Looking for more support and information on growing your design business? 

Inside of our High Ticket Designer Masterclass, we’ll show you how to become consistently booked out with high-caliber clients. CLICK HERE to watch for free!

A brand designer looking through a book of design inspiration

how to become a booked out designer, featuring a brand designer holding a glass of champagne

a brand designer in a studio showing you how to become a booked out designer with dream clients


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