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Red Flags In Your Brand

(That are holding you back from booking more clients)

Most of our clients come to us with an old logo that they’ve had since they first started their biz years ago. This logo was good enough to get them through that beginner business stage, but it’s not going to help them get to their next level.

If this sounds like someone you know (cough cough you), listen up!

If you want to stand out as the LEGIT and experienced business owner that you are, it’s time for your brand to finally represent that. Don’t miss out on clients just because your business’s first impression says “beginner”.

Let’s identify the top 3 red flags in your current brand that are stopping your ideal clients 

from working with you.

  1. You only have 1 logo. Trying to squeeze a single logo into different proportions looks unprofessional and your audience notices these inconsistencies. No single logo works in every space. You need a logo suite with multiple variations. Example: Your primary horizontal logo that you use for your website won’t fit well as your IG profile pic. You’ll want a monogram logo for that!

  2. You’re constantly switching up your colors and fonts. Mixing up your fonts and colors based on Pinterest trends and Canva templates creates confusion in your ideal client. Consistency leads to brand recognition (AKA the key to conversion and retention). Fun fact: Consistency in branding can increase revenue by 13% on average.

  3. There’s no strategy behind the brand. Your brand should be based around more than what you think looks good. If your brand is rooted in strategy (instead of copying what’s trending in your industry), it won’t expire in a year. A strategic brand will stand the test of time, differentiate you from competitors, and warm your audience up so they’re easier to convert.

If you’re reading this thinking: “sh*t, that’s me!” Don’t worry, we’ve got you! 

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