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Introducing Moneymak(her): a community for female entrepreneurs

BIG NEWS!!! We’ve been working on a new community for quite some time and are so excited to finally share this binge-worthy release with you all. Up first: Moneymak(her) on the blog: a series of interviews with wildly successful female entrepreneurs about running their businesses, how to start from scratch, and what they learned along the way. We created this series to give back to our awesome community of women entrepreneurs to help them gather the tools they need to dive head first into creating the business of their dreams. 

Want to meet our first guest? Keep reading to check out our interview with Becca Tuttle, founder of Events by Rebecca, a Sacramento-based wedding planning and design studio.

1. How did you get started in your industry? What led to your passion for your career?

It all started when I was 8 years old and a flower girl in my Aunt’s wedding. I was OBSESSED with everything that was her wedding and her wedding planner. The idea of wedding planning being a career was incredibly enticing to me, even at a young age.  In college I interned and worked in the wedding/event industry which only fueled the fire! I knew I had to launch my own business and make my dream come true. 

2. What were some of the bigger challenges you experienced in getting started?

All the management of a business! Taxes, how to pay yourself, what’s legal and what’s not. 

3. How has your life changed now that you’re pursuing your passion and living your dream?

It’s WAY more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I’m just not cut out for a corporate job, taking creative orders from someone else, even if that means stability. Being an entrepreneur is REALLY hard. But REALLY rewarding, and it’s beyond worth the blood, sweat, and tears for me! The freedom I have to craft my business and my life the way I want to live it is priceless. 

4. What’s your favorite part about owning your own business/your career?

The freedom! Like I mentioned before, I can manipulate my business, marketing, services offered at any time. Sure I have to stay committed to the sale I’ve made in the past, but if something isn’t working well for my clients or myself - I don't have to answer to anyone else to change it! It’s all up to me. It’s an incredible responsibility, one that has potential for severe consequences if not properly thought through. But at the same time, it’s an incredible freedom that I feel so blessed to have fought for in my life. 

5. What does supporting women-owned businesses look like to you?

Being intentional with not only where you spend your money but where you spend your energy online. Small businesses THRIVE when people take the time to like/comment/share and overall just engage with their content. I do my best to share what my fellow female entrepreneurs are doing and how they are serving their audiences to help them gain more traction online. I think if we all took 15 mins a day to actively seek out other female owned businesses online and engage with them, we’d all see huge increases in our audience involvement! 

6. How has your brand/packaging/website changed or improved your business?

Oh man… how has it not?! Meredith and her team are INCREDIBLE to work with, I’m so relieved to have them on my team! I would be absolutely LOST and still stuck in the rebrand process for years to come if it weren’t for your work. It’s improved my appearance for sure but more importantly it’s improved my confidence and belief in my business and what I’m setting out to do to help serve my clients. It’s been the best investment of the last 5 years in business! 

Want to learn more about this girlboss’s journey? You can follow Becca on Instagram here: @eventsbyrebecca.

Can't wait for more MoneyMak(her) content? Apply to join the Facebook group here now!


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