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How to manifest a business that serves you

She didn’t expect her passion to translate into a business model. But when Kate realized there was an audience who needed custom-themed party crafts, she manifested her dream biz into reality. We chatted with Kate about her biz journey: how she started to feel comfortable with the unknown, how she built her schedule to work for her family structure, and why it’s important to refine as you grow.

1. How did you get started in your industry? What led to your passion for your career?

Showing people how loved they are has always felt like a part of my purpose. In creating custom themed crafts I get the opportunity to put my thoughtfulness to use in a creative way. It evolved into a business as I realized that more and more people needed my help. I feel so lucky that I get to have fun while I work.

2. What were some of the bigger challenges you experienced in getting started?

My biggest challenge was right in front of my very eyes….ME! I felt (and sometimes still do) that I wasn’t good enough. Making the leap to try was the hardest part. Then figuring out the logistics felt a bit overwhelming. How do I do this? What do I do next? What do I do now? Feeling comfortable with being uncomfortable was my first step in getting out of my own way. Giving myself some grace and knowing that I can tap into unlimited resources when I didn’t have an answer was also helpful.

3. How has your life changed now that you’re pursuing your passion and living your dream?

I am a huge believer in mindset and manifesting and believe everything that happens throughout your journey leads you to exactly where you need to be. Following my passions has allowed me wonderful opportunities to meet new amazing people, learn more, grow as a person and become more present.

4. What’s your favorite part about owning your own business/your career?

I love that I get to be creative! I love even more that I bring so much happiness to my clients. When I see a person’s joyful reaction, it renews my faith in what I am doing. Knowing that they’ve felt thought of and special gives me such great energy to keep moving forward. It’s also wonderful to be able to create a non-traditional schedule that works for my family structure.

5. What does supporting women-owned businesses look like to you?

I love supporting other women-owned businesses. I love to purchase from them, refer them, and collaborate with them. I have so much admiration for others in the creative space and when looking at their work, I am so inspired by their creative talents. Mainly, I find it really important to encourage others. Owning your own business can feel a bit lonely at times and there are a lot of ups and downs. Being supportive and providing a listening ear is crucial.

6. How has your brand/packaging/website changed or improved your business?

Branding is so critical to a business, and I think it evolves as you do as a business owner. I always used to think that I had to have everything figured out and finished in order to start and now I find the beauty in refining as I grow into what I want to be. I think it’s naturally a constant evolution that keeps growing and getting better with time.

You can follow Kate on Instagram at @the_tiny_details. Check out her website here.

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