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How to present designs to your clients

Imagine if you could WOW your clients on the first draft with no revisions. Enter: the brand presentation. A brand presentation is a document (typically a PDF) used to display all of your incredible design work in a way that shows the client how the logos, fonts, colors, etc. will actually function in real life applications. When you present your designs this way, the client can easily visualize the look and feel of the brand and how they would use all of these new elements in their own business. This helps the client understand your design choices and immediately fall in love with their new brand.

Let’s walk through some of the key components of a 5-star brand presentation.

  1. Mood board - Your brand presentation should include a mood board that explains the design’s execution. This allows the client to better understand why you specifically chose each font, layout or swatch.

  2. Mockups - Make sure to present your logo designs on different photo backgrounds, different color backgrounds, and layouts (packaging, web, print, etc.) so the client can see examples of all of the ways they can use their new brand.

  3. Instructions for feedback - Avoid the never-ending email thread by giving clear instructions on when and how to easily leave feedback. This will greatly reduce the amount of revisions and time spent going back and forth with your clients.

If you’re thinking: Okay great, now how do I actually create my brand presentations? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

We’ve included an easy-to-use brand presentation template in The Brand Designer Toolkit. The BDT is a bundled collection of our proprietary pitching, onboarding, and process templates made specifically for designers to help you book more clients and wow them with your process. Grab it HERE to steal our exact brand presentation template!


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