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How to position yourself as an expert

Imagine this… your inbox is full of inquiries, you’re booked out 3 months in advance, and by the time you get on a consultation call with a lead they’re already ready to commit.

A huge part of getting results like this in your business is positioning yourself as an expert and allowing your audience to see you as an authority in your industry.

If you feel like people are enjoying your content but not actually converting into clients, this blog post will teach you how to show up online as the true go-to that you are.

Here are 3 ways you can position yourself as an expert online:

  1. Create educational content. Use social media to show your audience your expertise. Create mini trainings to share in your IG stories, carousel posts that share tips and tricks, or go LIVE on Facebook with a new trend alert.

  2. Showcase your client work. Make sure you're showing your potential clients that you actually do what you say you do. Whether it’s showcasing a recent client project, sharing a testimonial, giving a client a shoutout, or sharing your daily agenda, you really can’t over-share when it comes to showing your audience how great you are at what you do.

  3. Speak confidently! This one often gets overlooked but it might be the most important. The more confidently you speak about your offers, the more confident your potential clients will feel investing in them. When you show up in videos online, speak clearly, don’t fidget, be aware of speaking too quickly if you’re nervous, and use a script if that helps.

Remember, no matter where you’re at in your business, you’re already amazing at what you do. Now it’s your job to help your audience see you as the leader that you are!

If you need more help with content creation and building your brand online, definitely check out our course, Dream Big Designer. In this course I’ll show you exactly how I was able to scale my design business to multiple 6-figures!

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