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How to Go From Hourly Freelancer to In-Control CEO

We’re over the glorification of the freelance hustle. The ability to work from home and “be your own boss” doesn’t always equate to freedom, especially as a freelancer. So if your reality looks a bit like: working endless hours and never knowing where your next client is coming from, bouncing between $2k cash months and $20k cash months with no stability, or late night emails from demanding AF clients requesting yet another revision on that project you hate (oh, and they want it done the next day)...It’s time to say “no thanks” to this toxic cycle. Ditch the freelance lifestyle and move into your agency-owning era with our 3 easy tips to create a thriving biz where YOU are in control. Let’s dive into it.

  1. Change your pricing structure. – You’re setting your design rates and don’t know where to start… Hourly, day rates, project-based rates? Project rates CHANGED my business and were a huge contributor to my shift from freelancer to agency-owner. Hourly rates may seem like the place to start but these rates will keep you in that freelancer hustle, working harder and faster just to get paid less as your skills and confidence grow. When you introduce project rates, you put yourself in the driver’s seat, finally able to control the quality of the service you’re offering your clients. You can decide how long the project takes, what’s included, and how much it costs. Plus, you’re setting the tone with your clients that you’re an expert, not a designer-for-hire that they can treat like a low-level intern.

  2. Create a marketing plan. – A great marketing plan will allow you to market from a place of abundance, (not scarcity), boost leads, nurture relationships, and land testimonial-worthy clients. If you want to avoid the peaks and valleys in your work and income, an effective marketing plan that allows you to focus on the projects (and clients) that bring you life is a MUST.

  3. Position yourself as an expert. Make sure you're showing your potential clients that you actually do what you say you do. Whether it’s showcasing a recent client project, sharing a testimonial, giving a client a shoutout, or sharing your daily agenda, you really can’t over-share when it comes to showing your audience how great you are at what you do. And speak confidently! This one often gets overlooked but it might be the most important. The more confidently you speak about your offers, the more confident your potential clients will feel investing in them. When you show up in videos online, speak clearly, don’t fidget, be aware of speaking too quickly if you’re nervous, and use a script if that helps.

If you’re ready to go from overworked freelancer to by-the-pool agency owner, watch our free High Ticket Designer Masterclass here! Inside, you’ll learn our secrets to: price your services to reach financial freedom, create recurring revenue, and bring in new, high-budget clients anytime you want. See you in there!





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