How to DIY your website

Anyone can design a website, regardless of your skill set. Yep! We said what we said. Building an online presence is easier than ever... So easy there are over 200 million active websites and 59% of those websites were created by DIY-ers. Still unsure if you can successfully launch your own website? Keep reading and get ready to take some notes: we’re walking you through how to DIY your website with a template in just a few days!

Choose a website builder.

First things first, choose a website builder. We made this a no-brainer decision by designing all of our website templates in WIX. The easiest platform to use with full creative control. Next, sign up for a plan that best suits your needs and budget. 

WIX plans.

WIX has a wide array of plans ranging in price point and features. Combo is the best plan for offering great value for your money if you website is on a small level. Unlimited is the best plan for small businesses looking for more freedom to engage with their website's visitors. VIP is the best plan for websites who need a high level of support and a large amount of email campaigns.

Choose a domain name.

A domain name is the address where