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How to DIY your website

Anyone can design a website, regardless of your skill set. Yep! We said what we said. Building an online presence is easier than ever... So easy there are over 200 million active websites and 59% of those websites were created by DIY-ers. Still unsure if you can successfully launch your own website? Keep reading and get ready to take some notes: we’re walking you through how to DIY your website with a template in just a few days!

Choose a website builder.

First things first, choose a website builder. We made this a no-brainer decision by designing all of our website templates in WIX. The easiest platform to use with full creative control. Next, sign up for a plan that best suits your needs and budget. 

WIX plans.

WIX has a wide array of plans ranging in price point and features. Combo is the best plan for offering great value for your money if you website is on a small level. Unlimited is the best plan for small businesses looking for more freedom to engage with their website's visitors. VIP is the best plan for websites who need a high level of support and a large amount of email campaigns.

Choose a domain name.

A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. This is one of the main ways a website presents itself to the Internet, so it’s important to make it count! When choosing a domain name, remember: make it relevant, keep it short or memorable, avoid numbers and check to make sure the domain name does not already exist.

Don’t have a domain name yet? You can buy a new domain from WIX! Enter your domain name and suffix into the search field and click “search.” If the domain is available, click “get it” to register it directly on WIX.

Need to transfer your domain name? You can connect your domain while keeping it registered with its current domain host. Choose from two possible connection methods: connect via name servers or connect via pointing.

Pick a website template.

Now for the fun part! Time to pick the design of your website by choosing a template. Website templates provide a framework for your website as a jumping off point. This is how you achieve that professionally designed look without hiring a designer. Looking to level up your business with a professionally designed template at a fraction of the cost of a custom website? Our templates are here to save the day. We have five beautiful, functional and easy-to-use website templates. You can check them out here.

Customize your template.

Website templates provide a helpful framework. This makes the customization part that much easier. Customize your new website by: changing the colors and fonts, editing the images, linking your social media channels, swapping in your content and so on. With WIX’s endless customization tools, there’s no need to be afraid to play around with the site’s design, you’ll be surprised by how much you can do!

Choose and download apps.

WIX has over 300 apps in its App Market. Search for the app you want and click “Add+”.

Preview and test. Some of our favorites are: WIX Forum, WIX Pro Gallery, Site Booster, Events Calendar, WIX Stores, WIX Events, WIX Forms and 123FormBuilder to just name a few!

Publish that thing!

Don’t forget to preview your website before hitting publish! Here’s a quick checklist for you to run through: 

-Are all the buttons and links working?

-Is your formatting consistent?

-Does the website load quickly?

-Is all of the spelling and grammar correct?

-Does your website fulfill a purpose?

Once all of these steps are completed, you are now ready to launch your site! Hit “Publish”! Your website is now live for everyone to see, so go tell them about it! Get the word out by telling those in your personal network, on social media, through emails, put your URL on your business card, any avenue that you can think of!

WIX is the best drag-and-drop website builder platform available. Why? Because it offers you complete creative control! Want your logo to be over there? Simply drag and drop - done! Want that image to be upside down? Easily flip it with the click of a mouse! Use the freedom of the WIX editor to create a website you’re proud of. The thought of DIY-ing your website can seem scary/overwhelming, but our templates make launching your dream site seamless and easy. Happy DIY-ing!


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