How she built one of the largest craft fairs in CA

Today we’re interviewing the founder of Girl Gang Craft, Phoebe Sherman, who started her business after she noticed there was a need for craft fairs that are truly inclusive and affordable for vendors to participate in. With over 20K followers on Instagram, Girl Gang Craft is a community for female-forward artists offering classes, courses, feminist apparel, a podcast and, of course, craft fairs. Ready to get your girl gang on? Read on!

1. How did you get started in your industry? What led to your passion for your career?

I got started making really shitty jewelry. That’s how I started learning about branding, and Instagram for business + the craft fair world.

In 2016, when Trump called Hillary a “Nasty Woman” I made a uterus relief print (this means I carved into linoleum and printed layers onto paper using a big printing press, this is actually what I went to school for-printmaking). 

This uterus print was sold casually at the first Women’s March, and after that the uterus design was converted onto a screen and I screen printed it on patches, which I then sewed on jackets, then made our uterus zip-up pouches. This uterus design is the base of the current GGC collection, and we have always given 10% to Planned Parenthood.. 

I tried participating in craft fairs, and I learned quickly that many were expensive and exclusive, I wa