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How maintaining brand integrity will increase your revenue

If you’ve just invested your hard earned money into a brand identity for your biz, the last thing we want you to do is f*ck up your beautiful, new assets!

Brand integrity is all about knowing what NOT to do with your logos, fonts, colors, etc. so that people perceive your business the way that you want them to: consistent, high-end, and professional AF. Maintaining brand integrity will help you attract more clients and customers with a recognizable, cohesive aesthetic. The bottom line is, brand integrity leads to audience trust, which leads to more sales. So, let’s get into it!

Here are 3 ways to maintain brand integrity & increase your revenue:

  1. Avoid using improper colors. When you receive your brand guide from your designer, there will be a section explaining how to use your brand colors for maximum brand recognition and legibility, i.e. which logos to use with which background colors for ideal contrast. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not changing the colors of your logos to a random hex code that’s not already in your brand guide.

  2. Don’t stretch or distort your logo. Changing your logos in this way will not only decrease quality, but will also ensure that your brand will look a little different each time you use it (which decreases recognition).

  3. Don’t use outside typefaces. In order to maintain brand integrity it’s important to stick with the fonts referenced in your brand guide when creating content and other printed materials. Mixing your brand fonts with whatever font is trendy on Canva at the moment is a surefire way to decrease consistency.

When it comes to creating content, merch, your website, etc. consistency within your brand is HUGE! This is how you will stand out from competitors and become recognizable. Remember, increased recognition = increased revenue!

PRO TIP: When investing in a designer for your biz, make sure that you’ll be receiving a brand guide!

If you’re ready to start getting recognized this year, click HERE to apply for a custom brand. Our service includes a 50+ page brand guide so there’s no guesswork around how to use your assets correctly ;).

How maintaining brand integrity will increase your revenue
How maintaining brand integrity will increase your revenue


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