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Ditch the corporate life for your true passion

There are people who take the safe path in life, and people who take risks. Entrepreneurs typically fall into the latter category. While starting your own business is a huge gamble, it can lead to some major rewards. Today’s MoneyMak(her) shares the unexpected gifts of entrepreneurship. While in quarantine, Monica DeGuzman decided to shake up her life and take a leap of faith to open her own online shop called Well Rounded. She chats with us about overcoming imposter syndrome, how to take ownership of your life, and why it’s important to connect with your local community of artists.

1. How did you get started in your industry? What led to your passion for your career?

While working a corporate job I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue something I was passionate about. I have always been fascinated by the interiors of a home. Not so much the furniture, but rather how the little details can tell a story about an individual and how they live in their home. It wasn’t until recently, while quarantined, that I was forced to reevaluate how my space supported me and my daily rituals. My passion became discovering how to bring together items that could resonate with someone’s daily life rituals.

2. What were some of the bigger challenges you experienced in getting started?

I’d say that the biggest challenge I experienced getting started was working through my imposter syndrome and feeling like there was no space for me. It’s so easy to revert to those thoughts as they provided some type of comfort in not taking a risk but with time and the help of my loved ones, I have learned to challenge that voice and keep on moving forward.

3. How has your life changed now that you’re pursuing your passion and living your dream?

Right now, I feel empowered. It's a strange feeling knowing that you can take ownership of your life and build the life you always envisioned. While my business is small, I feel incredibly proud for putting myself out there and accepting that being vulnerable is part of growth. So in a way, my life has changed in that I feel stronger and more confident than I have before.

4. What’s your favorite part about owning your own business/your career?

My favorite part is connecting with artists. There are so many incredible artists out there and their art is not one to take for granted. It’s one thing when you see their work online but another when you get to hold it and see a tangible piece of art that can be used for the most simple thing such as a cup of coffee. It is truly the best feeling being able to support artists in any way.

5. What does supporting women-owned businesses look like to you?

For me, support comes in many ways. It can be financially or as simple as a shout out. Most importantly though, I believe the support can be provided through mentorship. Entrepreneurship can be lonely and it is nice knowing you have someone or a community to help guide and motivate you. I’ve been lucky to have met many women entrepreneurs and I’m incredibly thankful for their guidance and support through this experience.

6. How has your brand/packaging/website changed or improved your business?

By literally making it official! Once I signed the contract, I knew there was no turning back. I am incredibly proud of our logo and so excited to share my business with everyone online. The talented team behind Quixotic Design truly delivered my dream brand!

You can follow Monica on Instagram at @wellroundedshop. Check out her website here.

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