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3 signs it's time to invest in a brand designer

If you’re already well-established in your business but you’re ready for MORE, this one’s for you.

Maybe you’ve already hit that 6-figure mark and you’ve proven to yourself that you can really do this thing but now,

You’re ready for that next level. Next level income, impact, and recognition.

You’re ready to be the IT brand in your industry… the stand-out, the go-to, the leader.

If that’s you, it’s time to invest in a *professional* to design a custom brand identity for your biz (not your cousin’s friend who makes logos for people on a budget when they’re first starting out…ya we see you 😉).

Here are 3 signs that you’re ready to hire a brand designer:

1. You only have one logo (that you don’t even like). We know for the first couple years of business, you can get by with one simple logo that you threw together yourself but, that logo probably doesn’t even feel like you anymore.

When you invest in a custom brand identity you get a whole suite of logos that includes different variations that function in different spaces. Imagine going from having one logo that you feel “meh” about, to having 5 or more logo options that you’re obsessed with!

2. If you’re using whatever fonts, colors, or templates are trending on Canva to create your social media graphics, emails, etc. it’s probably time to get a custom brand identity.

Using Canva trends and switching up your branding often decreases brand recognition and actually hurts your revenue. Having custom fonts and colors that you can use on everything that you create for your biz will help people recognize you, build trust, and help you form an emotional connection with your audience (which means more sales and money 🤑)!

3. If your brand currently lacks any real strategy, you’ll notice a huge difference once you have a *strategic* brand identity. When design decisions are based on things like attracting your ideal client, standing out from competitors, and having a long-lasting (not just trendy) presence in your industry, your brand becomes timeless and you become a go-to.

No more looking just like everyone else, no more tweaking and adjusting your brand every few months, and no more attracting unaligned, low-budget clients.

After launching their custom brands, our clients have experienced results like:

Getting their products into Nordstrom, Goop, and Anthropologie

Increasing revenue by over 300%

And growing their Instagram by hundreds of followers per week.

Is your business next?

CLICK HERE to apply to work with us and become the next IT brand!


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