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3 reasons you're not booking clients

If you’re a freelance designer having trouble booking clients consistently, we’re going to challenge you as to why you could be struggling. We all know the common areas that people look at when they want more clients… marketing, visibility, etc. but we don’t think that's what’s actually holding you back from becoming booked out.

Here’s why you’re not booking clients:

  1. Your sales process is messy. One of the most important things I learned from a mentor is that a confused buyer will never buy. If your process from lead to client is unclear, there’s a high chance that that lead will move on to someone else. Make sure that your process really holds your potential client’s hand and makes it easy for them to inquire and convert!

  2. Your client process is confusing. Referrals are a huge factor in our success at Quixotic and one of the best ways to get referrals is to WOW your clients with a seamless process. Of course, impressing them with your design skills is important but don’t underestimate how much the entire process will impact their experience.

  3. You’re lacking REAL client results. Showcasing your client’s results, not just your designs will help you stand out from competitors and inspire people to invest in your services. Make sure to have your clients track stats for you like social engagement, website traffic, and sales, so that you can share those results!

If you feel a little overwhelmed by how to take all of this information and put it into action, we got you!

The Brand Designer Toolkit is full of every contract, proposal, and questionnaire you need to streamline your entire process in just a few hours.


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