WIX vs. Squarespace: how to choose the best platform for you

For individuals and small businesses looking to design a website without hiring a developer, website builders are the perfect solution. However, with so many website builders on the market, it can feel pretty overwhelming deciding which one you should go with. Luckily, you don’t have to leave that decision to chance. This article breaks down the two biggest website building platforms on the market: WIX and Squarespace. And why we recommend WIX as the better website hosting platform for you and your business.

At a glance.

WIX and Squarespace are website building tools that are primarily aimed at people who want to create and maintain a website but don’t have coding skills. They are the two biggest website builder platforms with 55% of all websites built with a website builder.

Squarespace was founded in 2004 and WIX was founded in 2006. There are 3.8 million live websites with WIX and 2.3 million on Squarespace. WIX has over 500 website templates available to choose from and Squarespace has around 100.

As a part of your subscription for WIX or Squarespace, you’ll receive a domain, a website template, a content management system, hosting and e-commerce features (these depend on which plan you choose). 

WIX allows its users to build a fully functional website for free with multiple hosting plans. While Squarespace only gives its users a 14-day free trial with limited hosting plan options.