Why you need to know who your brand is reaching

If your answer to “Who’s your audience?” is “everyone”...we gotta talk. Knowing who your audience is the foundation of your branding strategy. Why? Because you’ll have higher conversion rates and see a better return on investment when you have a clear idea of your client base! Today we’re talking about how you can have a better understanding of your audience and how to directly inject this information into your marketing plan.

Let’s start off by doing some basic math about your audience.

You can find this info through your website and social media analytics or through past sales. Take a look at your audience’s age range, gender, location, education and income levels, spending power/patterns.

Now let’s take a closer look.

Where are they in their stage of life? What are their interests? Values and opinions? Problems and goals?

Best practices.

Now that you have a better feel for who your brand is reaching. It never hurts to take a look at your competition. Do a little research into what other brands are doing. How are they communicating to their audience? Is that audience engaged?

Listen to your audience.