Should you DIY your website or hire a designer?

Any of these questions sound familiar? “Should I go with a custom built website or use a template?” “What are the pros and cons of custom vs. DIY?” “Which option would BEST FIT my business?” Today we’re explaining the difference between custom and DIY websites so you can feel confident in deciding which one is right for your business.

Using templates. If there’s one thing you take from this blog post: templates are the most common and fastest way to start a website! There’s a broad range of different types of website templates available for purchase. Bonus: you don’t need to be a coding whiz. 

Pros and cons of using templates. The biggest pro of using a template is that it COSTS LESS. On a tight budget? Your best bet would be to use a template. Templates also have a short lead time which is beneficial if you’re on a strict schedule. Keep in mind that you are limited to how much customization you can do, such as contact forms and e-commerce functions. Also, templates are not designed with SEO in mind which is important when it comes to Google ranking your site!

This is for you, if: you’re starting a new business or blog and need to launch quickly with a limited budget.

Custom websites. Websites that think outside the box with completely unique design. Seriously, this design is uniquely yours and no one else’s site will look the same. Working with a designer on a custom website isn’t just about fonts, colors and logos, it’s WAY MORE than that. Designers work with you to really understand your business, your customers and goals for the website.