How to style office shelves

We're back from a VERY long stretch away from our blog - and are so excited that you're here. Today we're sharing the secrets behind the space we designed as our own: our office bookshelves! We've got tips for organizing your stuff (*cough* mess *cough*), designing a functional work space, and adding your own personality.

1. Invest in some quality bookshelves

In case you haven't noticed, your things need a place to sit comfortably - enter bookshelves. Whether you've got the budget for custom built-ins or some simple IKEA shelves, investing in a place to organize all of your papers, books, frames, files, and decorative items makes styling EASY.

We grabbed these two matching bookshelves from IKEA and placed them together against a wall to create a faux built-in look. Tip: look for shelves that are the same color as your wall, or paint them to create a uniform, clean look.

2. Remove, sort, donate & organize

The next step is to go through EVERY ITEM in your office and assess the value each pieces brings (emotional, fiscal, functional, etc.). If you haven't heard of Marie Kondo - now would be a good time to pause and read her best-selling book on her neat method. Sort the items into keep, donate, and toss. Now, you're ready to organize.

3. Thoughtfully arrange your things

Once you've cleared out the unnecessary clutter that tends to build up over the years, it's time to arrange what you've got left. Invest in some bins and boxes, a file folder system, and decorative baskets and trays to display your things in a functional, but beautiful way.

First, we chucked our electronics (remotes, router, etc.), extra inventory, camera equipment, and extra cardstock into decorative baskets that expertly hide the clutter. Next up, we tackled the mound of paper that seems to multiply