How to keep your business profitable

Running a business feels really weird right now. Should we continue to push our products and services? How do we reach our audience through the clutter of coronavirus messages? Should we discount our services?

Adapt and be flexible.

If your business is struggling financially, now is a good time to consider evolving into a more digital presence and/or seeking financial assistance. Focus on building a community online, whether that be through your Instagram followers, email subscriber list, or Facebook group. Consider increasing your digital marketing efforts (and if you have the budget, allocate a bit more to those ads) to keep fresh eyes on your product or service. Looking for new clients? Reach out to some ideal candidates online (email, DM, etc.) and pitch your services! Got a big event coming up? Instead of cancelling, try taking things online through a digital conference/meet-up. If you need immediate financial support, shop around for some loans/relief (the SBA has great assistance in response to the pandemic): https://www.sba.gov/disaster-assistance/coronavirus-covid-19

Work on YOUR business!

Take this time to tackle all of the things cluttering your to-do list. Start on that re-branding you’ve been wanting to do for months now. Create some valuable content for your Instagram feed. Finish writing the copy for that free resource you’ve been wanting to offer. Set up an organized task list/schedule for your team in Asana. Update your website. Your community will notice when you use this time to adapt and improve your business.