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Attract your dream clients

Are you looking to work with clients that allow you to expand your creative portfolio, work in your niche client industry, and respect your rates? Keep reading to learn how we have built a solid client base of women-owned businesses (our niche) and how you can attract your own dream clients.

  1. Do quality work Always do your best. Let's get real: is it time-consuming to tackle another client revision? YES! But, the benefit outweighs the cost here. Clients that have a great experience with you are more likely to refer you to their network. That means more clients (already narrowed to your niche), more projects, and that PAYDAY!

  2. Build relationships Never underestimate the power of referrals. Offer discounts for small businesses in your town to refer your work or swap business cards with a local storefront to get your name in front of their clients.

  3. Get involved Attend local events pertaining to your niche - and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself! You never know what a connection (even in a totally different industry) can bring to your business down the road.

  4. Target the right brands This may sound confusing (and you may think you're already targeting your ideal clients), so let us break it down: a great way to get the clients you’ve been dreaming of is by reaching out to businesses/accounts/groups that those clients follow. Offer a trade or free collaboration in exchange for a shared post in order to get your work IN FRONT of their followers (aka your dream clients).


We hope these tips will help you manifest your ideal clients in 2020! Check back for more tips like these next month.

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