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4 signs it's time for a rebrand

  1. Your old brand isn’t functioning well Maybe you’re stuck with one horizontal logo layout, but this won’t work everywhere you need it to (think Instagram profile pic, website favicon, etc.)… or your logo files are only formatted for web but you need to print some pieces for your brand (business cards, notecards, etc.). An ideal logo system is beautiful AND functional. If your existing brand is lacking in the latter, consider a rebrand.

  2. You’re missing some pieces A brand should be comprised of a few key elements: logo files, typography files, swatch files (for every necessary colorspace), and a brand identity guide that walks you through how to use it ALL (see example from our work with Life Goals Collective below). If you’re missing any one of these INCREDIBLY necessary components, you run the risk of using your brand pieces incorrectly (inconsistencies in type and colors and incorrect logo file usage). Working with a quality designer should result in a complete brand package that you’re able to use with ease (see: How to use all of your logo files like a pro).

  3. Your business has fundamentally changed If you’re changing a core component of your business, rebranding may be a good idea. Some examples include: switching industries, changing your target audience, launching a new product line, etc. Your brand aesthetic should mirror your business’ values and mission.

  4. You’re not happy with your brand identity look and feel We hear this one ALL THE TIME! Maybe you hired an inexpensive freelancer to design a logo just so you could get your business started - but now you’ve realized that the look and feel does NOT reflect your brand’s personality. Consider researching design agencies (and skimming through portfolios/IG quilts) to find the right fit for you. Is a rebrand a major investment? Yes. But you should only have to do it ONCE.


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