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If you’re stuck trying to justify your prices, or you’ve tried raising your rates before but haven’t been able to stick with it, I totally understand! If you’re tired of working with low budget clients that nickel-and-dime you, you’re not alone.

You want to be able to have profitable months without all the stress, you want more high ticket clients and less justifying your rates to the wrong clients!

So that’s why I’ve put together this Price Your Services Checklist, so you can finally start scaling your business with profitable months!

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“Beyond being an incredibly talented designer, business owner, and leader, Meredith is one of the kindest, most transparent people I’ve come across in our industry. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and does so freely with the goal of helping others. I know she will never hesitate to help me make a decision, give design feedback, or just share her experience with me. I consider her one of my top go-tos for design and business advice!”

-Jen, Hello June Creative

Fed up with low budget clients?

Ready to achieve financial independence? 

Grab the FREE Price Your Services Checklist here!

Hey you, I'm Meredith!

I help people like you portray the value of design services so they can price themselves at the high ticket level. A few years ago I was charging $400 for a logo, until I started basing my prices off of my expertise. 

Now I run a successful design business with over $30K months, and I can’t wait to help you do it too. 

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