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Our top favorite books on design

We’ve curated a list of all of our favorite design books for beginners, seasoned designers, and anyone interested in general design. These books are rich in educational content, inspiration, and the science behind aesthetics.

Our top 10 design literature recommendations:

This typography guide has the final word on all of those type nuances you've been struggling with. If you're looking for the appropriate dash to use on every occasion, this is your book.

Mesmerized by the sheer skill in hand-lettering on instagram? This interactive workbook not only provides lettering techniques and tricks, but also features guided workbook pages for you to practice your letterforms.

If you need advice about getting started as a designer (rates, clients, project management, employees, freelancing), this is your personal guru.

This book covers EVERY challenge that goes through the mind of a freelancer - from where and how to network to creating invoices. It's your go-to-guide for growing your business to maximize revenue (cha-ching) and workday efficiency (more pool time, please).

What makes a complete, original and unique logo is something that is hard to put into words. Logo Design Love does an incredible job of dictating the feelings that a logo evokes into tangible qualities.

This is our FAVORITE book for inspiration on those "stuck in a design rut even after 4 cups of coffee" days. Looking back at emerging design trends that revolutionized future aesthetic and style puts current design trends in perspective and inspires us to include influence from beyond our own time.

A complete and comprehensive guide to the behavioral science behind design, Design is Storytelling examines design as a tool in creating an emotional response. This book has pushed our brainstorming sessions outside of current trends to now include the feelings evoked by specific designs.

Let us know in the comments section below about your favorite books on design or to give us future post ideas!


A few of my favorites

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Your one stop shop for all things DIY design. Create your own graphics easily with Canva's intuitive editor.

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