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Gift guide for entrepreneurs

Tis the season for our annual holiday gift guide! Last year we highlighted the incredible small businesses around the Northern California area. In fact, you can still use that blog post to help with your holiday shopping! Check out the post here. This year's gift guide is spreading the cheer to the hardest working people we know: entrepreneurs! Everyone knows at least one person in their life who's a badass business owner, but it can be tricky to shop for them. Keep on reading to get all your biz owners friends crossed off your holiday shopping list.

1. The best holiday candle: P.F. Candle Co.

P.F. Candle Co. has been making high quality candles and fragrances since 2008. Their limited edition spruce candle is a woodsy scent you don't want to miss! With a 40-50 burn time, this candle is also Paraben-free and phthalate-free. Win-win! Click on the image to shop.

2. A luxury content planner: Social Media + Content Marketing Planner

For the productive entrepreneur who wants to stay on track. This content planner is loaded with features to keep their social media content on-track and on-trend. This fillable 15-month planner has at-a-glance monthly spreads, a reference guide of holidays, monthly and weekly goal setting, and so much more. Click on the image to shop.

3. Desk tray: Kristal Vanity Tray

Talk about luxe! This mirrored vanity tray with a double-rimmed stainless steel edge features a wavy shape that we're obsessed with. Perfect for the biz owner in your life who's looking to get organized. Click on the image to shop.

4. Skincare for the soul: Fresh Sugar Hydrating Lip Kit

Our team at Quixotic cannot stop raving about Fresh's lip care formula! This lip kit has it all: the best-selling Sugar Advanced Therapy (for max hydration), Sugar Rosé (for a sweet blush of color), Sugar Icon for a bold red, and Sugar Mint Rush for minty freshness. Click on the image to shop.

5. Home office accessory: Ember Mug

This mug does more than just keep your coffee hot! It allows you to set an exact drinking temperate, so your coffee is never too hot or too cold. Your entrepreneur bestie will be singing your praises with this great gift! Click on the image to shop.


A few of my favorites

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