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You want FREEDOM

You want to know where your next design client is coming from…but really…

The freedom to choose:

When to leave your 9-5 for clients who value your creativity, expertise—and your time

How much you earn each month—today and twenty years from now

When to hire teammates, when to go on that tropical vacation, and when to buy the damn bag.

Establish the design business you’re made for, with a streamlined process that gets you that next-level income and the balanced lifestyle you’re dreaming of.


Your design studio is running on lowball leads, meager hourly rates, and inconsistent marketing.



The clients who want 10 revisions and “just a logo” won't get you the financial freedom you (and your summer trips) are looking for

You know working on your business is on the back burner because you have to focus on client work (and paying the bills)

The one-off brochures and key fob projects that land in your inbox from that one corporate client put a cap on where your design skills can take you

Trying out TikTok to “get more clients” without a plan only feeds the comparison beast…leaving you with more mindset issues—and louder crickets.


Build systems you can rely on, processes that work for you, a marketing plan that allows you to focus on the projects (and clients) that bring you life—and a profitable business that builds security and sustainability.


Introducing the Dream Big Designer pathway to profitability:

Our unique process for moving from overwhelmed freelancer to CEO designer.

Set the foundation

Using our designer-specific brand checklist, develop your brand positioning so that every piece of content (from contracts to captions) attracts and keeps the right people.


Land soul-filling ideal clients

Say no to clients who don’t value you and YES  to clients who respect you as an expert—and don't think twice about paying your invoice.


Craft stand-out-from-the-crowd services

Offers so clear that clients are primed and ready to say yes before hopping on a sales call with you.


Develop a success-oriented

sales strategy

Ditch the fear of selling (and the #1 hangup for growing your business) so you can sell without feeling salesy—and book client after client. Yeah, that’s a thing.


Build boss-level systems and workflows

Is your creative spirit overwhelmed by to-do lists and sticky notes reminding you to email that lead who never responded? Not anymore.


Establish swoon-worthy services

A client experience so smooth they’ll ask YOU how they can give a testimonial.


Serve and market with consistency

Market from a place of abundance, not scarcity, with our signature framework (and scripts!) for boosting leads, nurturing the relationship, and landing testimonial-worthy clients.


Design a sustainable, profitable growth plan

Create a pathway for success today, in three months from now, and when you want to take that week-long vacation, or a (paid) maternity leave.


Wondering how to start your business

Saying yes to freelance design jobs just to pay the bills, and

Letting perfectionism get in the way of making real business decisions


Go from the idea of building a business to actually doing it.

All right, let’s talk about the mindset stuff we’d really rather avoid. 

(And they keep you up at 3 a.m., right?)

…can be the exact things that keep you from starting or growing your business.


I want you to have MORE.

More brand and web design projects that get you excited to sit down at your laptop every (business) day

More income to hire out for the work that doesn’t bring you joy (Shout out to social media managers!)

More creative direction over projects you’re proud (and excited!) to put in your portfolio—so you can lock more fun and creative projects in your Asana timeline

More T I M E to dream and plan not just for your business, but for the life you want to live—the one that looks like mid-day hot girl walks, 10-day getaways in the Bahamas, and being the one to pick up your kid from school.

I want you to have all of that—and more.

"I raised my rates, and I booked my first three clients—all within the first couple weeks of the course!


Before DBD, I was at a full-time design job and super unhappy. After spending hours on a commute to my 9-5 job, I quit. 


I started taking on freelance work but had no idea how to price anything—I think I charged $300 for a logo! I didn’t understand the process of getting a client, serving them, and creating an offboarding process.


Now I’ve raised my rates and am confident knowing the price represents the value of the work. I raised my rates, and I booked my first three clients—all within the first couple weeks of the course!"

—Stephanie Hinson, Brand + Graphic Designer