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It’s time to get your systems in place, streamline your backend, and get the “I can’t believe I make this” income and the “I’m in control” schedule— for now, and the future.


8 modules of training videos

16 done-for-you scripts and templates

21+ checklists and workbooks

BONUS: 1:1 Slack access to Meredith and designer community

BONUS: Dubsado + Asana templates

BONUS: Rates calculator


Valued at $7897

Today's price: $1997

Let's do this:

Build a powerful brand foundation

Understand and attract ideal clients

Create scalable, high-end offers

Develop a consistent, high-converting sales call strategy

Optimize your systems for scalability

Design obsession-worthy client experiences

Master your marketing

Generate intentional growth tactics

…with ongoing Slack support from Meredith and other designers who want to move the needle alongside you.


Want a thriving design business on your own terms?

(Yes, it’s possible.)


100% Money Back Guarantee

Listen, it wasn’t too long ago that I had to save and budget for every single business purchase I made. 


And I also know that in the online marketing world, courses can feel a bit…disconnected?


I believe not just in my process, but that it’s attainable for YOU.

While I can’t guarantee results (I have serious ❓❓for anyone who says they can), I can guarantee you’ll be blown away by all the videos, scripts, and plug-and-personalize templates you’ll get to launch and scale your design business. 

If you purchase the course, implement the material, and, after 3 months, still haven't seen any positive changes— I’ll refund your investment.

  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! You can start today for just $297, and 5 monthly payments of $297 to follow.
  • Do I get support, community or 1:1 access to you?"
    You'll get access to our incredible, private Facebook community, as well as four monthly group coaching calls. You'll receive ONE 1:1 call with Meredith as a bonus.
  • Do I get lifetime access to the course material?
    You’ll have access to the course for as long as it exists. As of now, we don’t plan for it to expire. If anything changes, we’ll let you know 6 months in advance.
  • Do I need experience before starting DBD?
    DBD is for both seasoned designers and new beginners. No matter where you are in your design biz journey, the principles we teach in this course will help you to scale.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    If you can show me that you’ve gone through the course modules, checklists, and workbooks, put in the work that we cover in the course, and still don’t see any return, we will refund you. Otherwise, we do not offer refunds. Refunds will not be considered or granted after 14 days of purchase.
  • How much time do I need to set aside to take the course?
    We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week to go through the program and implement the assignments.



Imagine a life where your late-night dreaming becomes your *actual* story:

You’re meant for more than an unfulfilling 9-5. You’re ready to ditch the freelance life and create a profitable, sustainable design business that supports your dream life.


You’ve got a waitlist full of dream clients that can’t wait to work with you…plus you’re getting more lifetime value out of each client with a strategic offer suite, bringing in $5k, $10k, and even $30k months. 


You’ve created systems for recurring revenue, so you can take the afternoon off, take your dog on a walk, and pamper yourself without worrying about your income suffering. 


Enroll today and get immediate access to all 8 modules!


Save $385



$4,000 value

8 Modules of video trainings
16 Done-for-you scripts and templates
21+ Checklists and workbooks


$3,500 value

1:1 Slack Access to Meredith
Dubsado and Asana templates
Rates Calculator


$397 value

30 minute strategy session with Meredith

6 payments of $397

Smaller monthly payments



$4,000 value

8 Modules of video trainings
16 Done-for-you scripts and templates
21+ Checklists and workbooks


$3,500 value

1:1 Slack Access to Meredith
Dubsado and Asana templates
Rates Calculator

Pay in full bonus not included

I threw all my chips in—and it worked

When I lost my mom, I decided life was too short to be living on someone else’s schedule, so I left my 9-5 agency job and steady paycheck—all to search for something bigger. And better. 


I launched my business from my studio apartment, bending over backward for every client I could get, living off of my savings from my 9-5 job, and scraping together what I could to get by.


But I knew there was more for me.


I’d love to cheer you on. 

Having spent years getting my designs ripped apart by talented Creative Directors in my corporate days, I was determined to create brand and web designs that converted and a luxury client experience that built trust and authority.


Now that my design business runs on autopilot and I book 1:1 clients out 3-4 months in advance, my goal is simple: to inspire you to believe you CAN create a profitable design business that allows you to build the lifestyle you've been dreaming of.

Change your mindset from “Am I good enough?” to “Thriving CEO”


Dream Big Designer

Rates calculator spreadsheet

Get access to our very own rate calculator—the spreadsheet I use to build out over $30k months and income goals for now and in the future. ​


Dubsado and Asana templates

Stop trying to remember deadlines for each client or when to follow up with a testimonial—use our exact Dubsado and Asana templates and call it a (great!) day. 


1:1 Access to Meredith via Slack

Want another eye on your latest project or get some encouragement from a trusted source? I got you! I’m a Slack DM away, waiting to cheer you on.





My secret to success? Focus on a lifestyle-driven business, not (just) a sexy number.

Income goals are huge, don’t get me wrong.


I love shocking my CPA every year with how much my “little creative business” has grown.

But I believe steady and sustainable growth matters more than a one-size-fits-all number.

Most courses in the design industry focus on the promise that you can hit a six-figure income right away. 

In Dream Big Designer, we focus on landing quality clients and building an ecosystem where you have software and teammates that work in sync to create a customer journey so seamless that you have a better-than-Wall-Street financial future.


Learn how to actually build a business plan that positions you as an expert in the field of design, including how to optimize your website to attract higher paying clients, how to have your own (legal) back with my favorite resources for contracts, and my go-to profit and loss statement that makes financial planning (and tax season!) easy.

Build a powerful brand foundation


Ditch the feast or famine freelance life by clearly identifying your ideal client and how to strategically market to them so they say yes before they even get on a sales call. (DM and phone call scripts included!)

Understand and attract ideal clients


Transform your services to the agency level with training on pricing psychology, revenue planning, and creating an I-know-what-I’m-doing offer suite that speaks to your ideal audience so clearly they never question your process or designs.

Create scalable, high-end offers


Gain confidence in your sales calls with our high-converting roadmap, sales call scripts (that have an over 50% booking rate!), and how to create a funnel that reduces barriers and does the selling for you.

Develop a consistent, high-converting sales call strategy


Learn the exact tools we use to host the client booking process (steal our exact templates!) that saves time and creative energy, plus the project management process we use to make automation your new best friend. 

Optimize your systems for scalability


Set yourself apart from other designers by providing a personalized, professional, and clear design process that reduces the number of emails and DMs you’re managing so that clients are so thrilled with their experience they tell everyone (and their aunt) about you. (Hello, referral network!)

Design obsession-worthy client experiences


Learn how to sell your services (without feeling salesy) with our proprietary system for tracking and warming up leads (converting social media followers into paying clients), and quick-win resources for slow seasons. 

Master your marketing


Create a plan to expanding your company with products that bring in passive income, and hiring teammates (yep, job posting templates included!), so you have support and systems to take time off and manage flu season without stress.

Generate intentional growth tactics

where you can get portfolio feedback from Meredith and in-the-trenches encouragement from other designers who want to move the needle alongside you.


In Dream Big Designer, you become the business owner you want to be.

Leave the overwhelmed and defeated mindset for an empowered, dialed-in, big-picture energy. 

“Just yesterday, I received THREE inquiries in 2 hours, which was unheard of before.


I made the common mistake of, “hey, I can design a logo!”, thinking that's all it took. But, as crazy as this sounds, what I actually needed to know was how to run a business. 


After taking Dream Big Designer, I’ve leveled up and streamlined my processes. 

DBD helped me grow my business from a side hustle to a full-time job. Since putting everything into place, I’ve grown my confidence. Just yesterday, I received 3 inquiries in two hours, which was unheard of before."

—Ellen I'Anson, Brand and Web Designer


*Finally* grasp the business side of things

Find (and keep!) the clients that are right for you

Get the scripts (and self-esteem!) to own your sales calls with confidence

Build out the foundation for the $5k, $10k, and (yes!) $30k months?

This course is designed for:

In-house designers who want to create a design business side-hustle so they can leave their 9-5 job

Freelancers who are jumping from Slack channel to Slack channel working on feast or famine contract work for various corporate clients

Art Directors, Creative Directors, and Designers who have enough projects under their belt but need someone to guide them with the process and systems that complement their creative brain

Designers who are ready to have processes in place so they can plan for their future and not just next month’s rent

Designers who want freedom in their business so they can take that tropical getaway with their husband—without worrying about checking their email

The tools to put that shiny new Mac and Adobe Creative Suite to werk.

8 self-paced modules (stocked with training videos you can replay forever!)

30+ templates, checklists, and copy-able spreadsheets to guide you (hello, Content Planning Calendar, Offer suite workbook, and Profit and Loss spreadsheet!)

Training on agency-style software like Dubsado and Asana—and the EXACT steps I take so you can duplicate them (and cut out the guesswork!)

Sales call, DM, and email scripts that you can plug and play (and land projects like a boss)

1:1 Portfolio review + feedback via Slack

Private Slack community of motivated and encouraging designers from around the world

Join Dream Big Designer


Want this?

  • The exact templates I use in my multi-six-figure design agency

  • A proven method to consistently attract high-budget clients on repeat

  • All the tools to build a massive following that chooses you over the competition

  • The freedom and flexibility to set your own hours, travel when you want, and still make great $$

Without this?

  • Spending hours designing your process and templates from scratch

  • Worrying about where your next client is coming from (or if they can afford you!)

  • Charging less than you know your offers are worth

  • Feeling like you need to work more hours to make more money

Ditch the freelance lifestyle for a thriving business where you are in control.

“I got my first client the day I launched!


After taking Dream Big Designer, I wasn’t launching with the hopes that something would happen, I launched expecting good things to happen.

It’s wild! My first client reached out the day I launched, I sent a proposal and by the end of week one of being live, she’s in!"

—Jodi Duncan, Branding, Design, and Creative Direction

Dream Big Designer


An online course for designers who want to create an agency-style design business that attracts dream clients—and finally feel like they’re in control of their future with a profitable system for growth.

With my proven process and trusted systems, you can create an agency—and a lifestyle—where you (not your clients) are in control.

The multi-six-figure annual income didn’t arrive in my bank account overnight.


I had to take on lowball projects and demanding clients to learn there was a better way to build a business that afforded me the time (and skincare products) I wanted.


Building on the skills I learned at corporate agencies with name-brand clients and through my own trial and error, I’m not just peeling back the curtain. I’m handing over the EXACT tools I used to build and scale my business.


So that you can hit those $$$ months, book the trip to the mountains, and sleep all night knowing that your design portfolio has created an investment portfolio you can trust.

Tired of letting imposter syndrome hold you back?

Is there anything more defeating than stalking competitors on Instagram for “inspiration,” only to second (and third) guess your marketing plan entire business plan?


Look, you know that the stalk-and-scroll life isn’t going to bring you your next client, and studying someone else’s Reels certainly isn’t going to give you that part-time-hours-full-time-pay you desperately want.  


But you know what will?




"I raised my rates, and I booked my first three clients—all within the first couple weeks of the course!


Before DBD, I was at a full-time design job and super unhappy. After spending hours on a commute to my 9-5 job, I quit. 


I started taking on freelance work but had no idea how to price anything—I think I charged $300 for a logo! I didn’t understand the process of getting a client, serving them, and creating an offboarding process.


Now I’ve raised my rates and am confident knowing the price represents the value of the work. I raised my rates, and I booked my first three clients—all within the first couple weeks of the course!"

—Stephanie Hinson, Brand + Graphic Designer


I want you to have MORE.

More brand and web design projects that get you excited to sit down at your laptop every (business) day

More income to hire out for the work that doesn’t bring you joy (Shout out to social media managers!)

More creative direction over projects you’re proud (and excited!) to put in your portfolio—so you can lock more fun and creative projects in your Asana timeline

More T I M E to dream and plan not just for your business, but for the life you want to live—the one that looks like mid-day hot girl walks, 10-day getaways in the Bahamas, and being the one to pick up your kid from school.

I want you to have all of that—and more.

Wondering how to start your business

Saying yes to freelance design jobs just to pay the bills, and

Letting perfectionism get in the way of making real business decisions


Go from the idea of building a business to actually doing it.

All right, let’s talk about the mindset stuff we’d really rather avoid. 

(And they keep you up at 3 a.m., right?)

…can be the exact things that keep you from starting or growing your business.

Set the foundation

Using our designer-specific brand checklist, develop your brand positioning so that every piece of content (from contracts to captions) attracts and keeps the right people.


Land soul-filling ideal clients

Say no to clients who don’t value you and YES  to clients who respect you as an expert—and don't think twice about paying your invoice.


Craft stand-out-from-the-crowd services

Offers so clear that clients are primed and ready to say yes before hopping on a sales call with you.


Develop a success-oriented

sales strategy

Ditch the fear of selling (and the #1 hangup for growing your business) so you can sell without feeling salesy—and book client after client. Yeah, that’s a thing.


Build boss-level systems and workflows

Is your creative spirit overwhelmed by to-do lists and sticky notes reminding you to email that lead who never responded? Not anymore.


Establish swoon-worthy services

A client experience so smooth they’ll ask YOU how they can give a testimonial.


Serve and market with consistency

Market from a place of abundance, not scarcity, with our signature framework (and scripts!) for boosting leads, nurturing the relationship, and landing testimonial-worthy clients.


Design a sustainable, profitable growth plan

Create a pathway for success today, in three months from now, and when you want to take that week-long vacation, or a (paid) maternity leave.


Introducing the Dream Big Designer pathway to profitability:

Our unique process for moving from overwhelmed freelancer to CEO designer.

Establish the design business you’re made for, with a streamlined process that gets you that next-level income and the balanced lifestyle you’re dreaming of.


Your design studio is running on lowball leads, meager hourly rates, and inconsistent marketing.



The clients who want 10 revisions and “just a logo” won't get you the financial freedom you (and your summer trips) are looking for

You know working on your business is on the back burner because you have to focus on client work (and paying the bills)

The one-off brochures and key fob projects that land in your inbox from that one corporate client put a cap on where your design skills can take you

Trying out TikTok to “get more clients” without a plan only feeds the comparison beast…leaving you with more mindset issues—and louder crickets.


Build systems you can rely on, processes that work for you, a marketing plan that allows you to focus on the projects (and clients) that bring you life—and a profitable business that builds security and sustainability.


You want FREEDOM

You want to know where your next design client is coming from…but really…

The freedom to choose:

When to leave your 9-5 for clients who value your creativity, expertise—and your time

How much you earn each month—today and twenty years from now

When to hire teammates, when to go on that tropical vacation, and when to buy the damn bag.