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Steps to become a brand and web designer

One of my most frequently asked questions that I get from aspiring designers is simply, “how do I get started?”

If you’re looking to start your own design agency, I know that you’re probably dying for someone to just tell you, step by step, what to do in order to get from A to B.

So, we’re breaking it down for you and giving you a simple plan to becoming a design agency owner so that you know exactly where to spend your precious time and energy. Let’s go!

Step 1: Start learning Adobe programs from free YouTube videos. Focus on mainly learning illustrator, indesign, and XD. Practice using these every day and start building a portfolio of projects.

Step 2: If you didn’t go to design school, that’s okay (me either)! But make sure to spend some time learning design basics from apps like skillshare and YouTube.

Step 3: Work for an agency and learn as MUCH as you can from your creative director for 1-2 years. (You’ll learn more doing this than you ever will in design school)!

Step 4: Learn how to run a design agency from a business course or mentor for designers. Becoming a successful designer takes so much more than creative talent. If you want to grow a profitable business, it’s important to learn how to build a network of referrals, attract the right clients, and create multiple streams of income. Getting support from someone who has walked in your shoes is the best way to do this.

Step 5: It’s time to launch your business! Start reaching out to dream clients and pitching your services. Then, give your clients an A+, out-of-this-world experience so that you start to grow your referral network.

The most important thing to remember when you’re growing your design business is to do at least one thing per day to move the needle. If you’re looking for support, make sure to CLICK HERE to check out all of the resources I have for you!