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Brand vs. marketing: what's the difference?

While branding and marketing work in tandem, both are two very different concepts. Once you understand the difference between branding and marketing, you can effectively leverage them to take your business to the next level.

What is branding?

Branding is your business’s conceptual and visual elements like your logo suite, swatches, typography, and brand identity guidelines. In creating all of these assets, designers look to create a brand identity that is visually appealing and strongly connects with your audience.

Branding makes these connections by using core design principles such as color, typography, composition and so on to communicate with your ideal audience.

What is marketing?

Marketing is the strategies and tools your company uses to promote your products or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation, social media marketing, advertising, email marketing, etc. are all strategies companies use to reach their audience and drive sales.

How are they different?

Branding is the process of creating the look and tone of your brand. Whereas marketing sets the business apart from the competition by demonstrating the features and benefits of the products or service.

How do they work together?

Marketing is what gets potential customers to discover and engage with your business. Branding is what keeps your loyal customers coming back for years to come. In other words, marketing is what gets the customers’ attention by breaking through the noise and clutter. The brand is ultimately what the customers connect with to drive brand recognition, positive sentiment and loyalty.

Which should you focus on first?

It’s important to focus on branding first by hiring a graphic designer or DIY. Your company’s branding should answer these questions: who are your customers? What pain points does your business solve for your customers? How do you make your clients feel? What personality does your brand have? How is your business different from the competition? Once your branding is in place, you’ll have a better understanding of who your customers are and the best ways to connect with them. Which you can then build a marketing strategy around that information!

Overall, graphic design and marketing go hand-in-hand. The partnership helps your business reach new customers, nurture loyal customers, and set your business well above the competition. While marketing strategies may change, your company’s branding is pretty static.


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