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Founder and Design Director of Quixotic Design Co. I'm a big fan of all things design, and a HUGE coffee addict (did someone say latte?). Welcome to our blog: the spot where you'll find business tips, DIY design hacks, and inspirational stories of real female business owners. Get ready to get creative!

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An inside look at our design process from start to finish

Have you ever wondered exactly how we work with our clients from start to finish? Keep reading to find out how our design process works, how we work remotely, and what to expect when booking a project with us.

  1. Consultation call This is the call where we sit down with you on a call to go over the history of your brand or idea, what's currently working for your business - and what's not, any goals for your brand transition and a list of deliverables.

  2. Questionnaire We send over a digital questionnaire for you to help us identify key characteristics of your style (i.e. is your brand more luxury or necessity? Edgy or elegant?), tell us about your target audience/ideal client, and share any inspirational photos you'd like us to see.

  3. Mood board After we receive your questionnaire, we develop a custom, interactive mood board with a bunch of different styles for you to look at (think typography, layouts, color palettes, illustrations - the works). We'll add some images that align perfectly with your questionnaire answers and a few that may be a little outside of the box.

  4. Briefing call Next, we hop on a 45 minute call to go over the mood board together. This way, we'll know what you LOVE and (most importantly) DON'T like before we start any sort of design.

  5. Design round 1 We'll take the next week to ideate, roughly sketch, and fine-tune a few concepts for you to review. You'll receive an email with the first round of your project's design.

  6. Feedback We make sure to allow ample time to hear our clients' thoughts. Investing in your brand is a HUGE decision for a small business, and we like to give two included revisions so that our clients feel comfortable. Feedback is delivered via email or on a quick phone call.

  7. Refinement Next, we take your edits into consideration and further adjust the designs to your liking. This is the stage where we'll refine illustrations, alignment, kerning, and more.

  8. Approval and production Once we have final approval, we'll produce your final files and walk you through how to use them (or if we're working on a website, get your site ready for launch day).

We hope this list helped give you some insight to our remote design process. Check back for more from behind-the-scenes at our studio.


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