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5 must-haves for your website’s homepage

Your website’s homepage is your brand’s first impression with the consumer. Is your homepage making the right first impression? Want to optimize the conversion rate of your homepage? Today we’re discussing the 5 must-haves for your website’s home page.

1. A unique look and feel

Investing in a beautiful, custom design can boost your biz more than you’d think. In fact, design improvements can increase engagement, views, and SALES. A clean, concise and interactive homepage allows your users to easily navigate while engaging with your content. A homepage that’s easy to navigate helps to give your audience confidence in making any decisions with your brand.

2. Define your business

Tell people who you are! This is the most important part of your website’s homepage. This could include: a bio or description of your brand, featured products or services, latest blog posts, your business location and other contact info. You want your audience to be able to walk away from your website knowing who you are and what you do. Catering this information to your brand’s individual niche helps you meet consumers at a more personal level.

3. Testimonials

Want your audience to look to you as the AUTHORITY in your industry? Displaying your testimonials helps to build trust and show your audience you’re a legit business. If your audience can relate to the customers in your testimonials, then they’ll be more likely to consider your services.

4. Calls-to-action

A call-to-action is when you direct your audience to different stages of the buying cycle. Some examples of a call-to-action would be asking users to subscribe to your email list or encouraging them to read your latest blog post. No need to over complicate it, just tell your audience exactly what you’d like them to do and direct them toward a button that helps them accomplish this.

5. Links to social media

You have a great homepage, your audience is engaged and liking what they’re seeing...So get them to follow and engage with you on your social media channels! Increasing your social media following helps keep your audience’s eye on your content and increases the chance that they’ll click back to your website on a regular basis. Win-win!

We hope these tips will help you assess your content so you can create your ideal homepage! Check back soon for more tips like these. Interested in upgrading your website? Contact us to book a free consultation call!


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