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That’s why I created my step-by-step course, Dream Big Designer!

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’re starting to scale your business into an agency. If you don’t have a framework to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get overwhelmed, and never get to the end goal: building a team that saves you time, embodying your inner CEO, diversifying and increasing revenue, and working on your own terms. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

Your master business plan

  • Specialty targeting your niche, market, and ideal projects

  • Optimizing your brand and website to attract higher paying clients

  • Legal necessities to help you scale safely


Attracting high-ticket clients

  • Identifying your ideal high-ticket client

  • Manifesting connections with your own content

  • Direct outreach with DM scripts

  • Building a massive following in which you’re the authority


Creating a luxury offer suite

  • Transforming your services to the agency level

  • Raising rates and revenue planning

  • Pricing psychology and mindset shifts around value

  • Creating an offer suite to increase the lifetime value of each client


Sales call strategy

  • The roadmap to our high converting sales calls that have brought in over $30K months

  • Pitching at the luxury level

  • Reducing barriers to booking with a strategic funnel

  • Sales call scripts to help guide you 


Systems optimization

  • A BTS of the exact CRM processes we use

  • Taking your project management to the next level of efficiency

  • Building client portals

  • Automations that’ll take work off of your plate and streamline your client process

  • The systems you need to scale your biz


Obsession-worthy client experience

  • How to set yourself apart from competitors as THE high-ticket designer

  • How to provide an agency-level experience for your clients that they'll LOVE

  • Setting boundaries 

  • Creating a strong referral network


Marketing mastery

  • How to sell your services without feeling salesy

  • Our proprietary system for tracking and warming up your leads

  • How to convert your social media followers into paying clients

  • The best ways to bring in new clients, even during slow seasons with active marketing


Continuous growth tactics

  • The best source of passive income for your unique business

  • How to build a funnel and sell your products on autopilot

  • How to hire a team (plus job posting scripts) to scale your business


What you'll learn

Video trainings

Eight modules worth of video trainings with step-by-step instructions for scaling your business


Each module comes with workbooks, checklists, and roadmaps to help you stay on track

Done-for-you assets

We’ve created done-for-you scripts and emails so you can simply plug and play to get started

Community and 1:1 support

Ask Meredith questions directly via Slack, and get ongoing support from our private Facebook community!

What’s inside Dream Big Designer

You’ll also get access to some once-in-a-lifetime bonuses 

Bonus #1

Get access to our tried and true rates calculator. You'll be able to calculate your project rates based on financial goals, profit and loss, and competitor analysis, and gain clarity around your finances!

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Rates calculator spreadsheet

Your path to freedom and flexibility in your design business starts NOW

Hurry, enroll now before the $500 discount ends!


and save $500


  • 8 Modules of video trainings

  • Monthly group coaching calls

  • Done-for-you scripts and templates

  • Checklists and workbooks

  • Dubsado and Asana templates

  • Bonus Rates Calculator

  • Bonus 1:1 call with Meredith

  • Private facebook community

  • 1:1 coaching via Slack


6 payments of $297

start for just $297!


  • 8 Modules of video trainings

  • Done-for-you scripts and templates

  • Checklists and workbooks

  • Dubsado and Asana templates

  • Bonus Rates Calculator

  • Bonus 1:1 call with Meredith

  • Private facebook community

  • 1:1 coaching via Slack


Dream Big Designer

Your step-by-step guide to creating a luxury design agency that will build your dream life.

It's time to build your net worth while becoming the go-to design agency in your space.


Life before Dream Big Designer

  • You put your business on the back burner

  • You feel like you’re taking on too many projects, and there’s not enough time

  • You try to do everything yourself, and burn out

  • You’re not sure how to price your services to reflect the value you bring to your clients

  • You’re experiencing self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and fear in your business

  • Your projects drag on for months and months, oftentimes with endless revisions

  • You only book clients with low, low budgets

  • You try to promote your business on social media, but feel discouraged and overwhelmed when you don't see engagement

  • You procrastinate & look for the easy way out, holding yourself back from really progressing your biz

Life after Dream Big Designer

  • ​You’ve got the freedom to take the afternoon off, or book that trip you’ve been wanting to take without a second thought

  • You can provide an agency-level experience for your clients that'll have them raving about you to their friends and colleagues (hello, referrals!)

  • You're getting more lifetime value out of each client with a strategic offer suite, bringing in $5K, $10K, and even $20K months

  • You've hired a powerhouse team to help take work off of your plate

  • You’ve got systems and automations in place to help lighten your load

  • You've stepped into your CEO mindset, and feel more confident than ever in your business

  • You’ve diversified your income by adding passive product funnels to your offer suite

I want you to get client results like these:

You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch (fuzzy slippers encouraged), or poolside with a marg in hand, as long as you have an Internet connection! The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal. And forget feeling rushed: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

Learn how to scale your design biz from anywhere

Where do you want to be in 6 months? A year?

Now is your time

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Build your first product funnel and start earning passive income 

  • Change your mindset from “not good enough” to “thriving CEO" with our mindset training 

  • Plan and increase revenue, so you can surpass your income goals while taking on just a couple of projects each month

  • Consistently book clients using proven marketing methods and done-for-you scripts

  • Provide an agency-style client experience that’s SO GOOD, they can’t help but refer their friends

  • Start living the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of: traveling, only working when and where you want to, on your terms

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!

Get to know us


You’re ready to take this course if:

  • You're ready to build your business by hiring a team so you can focus on your zone of expertise

  • You’re searching for a roadmap to building product funnels that bring in passive income, skyrocketing your growth 

  • You’re ready to revamp your services into a strategic offer suite, increasing the lifetime value of each client

  • You’re looking for a way to run a business while also traveling when you want and prioritizing self-care

  • You want a tangible plan to market your business and bring in a steady stream of ideal clients

  • You want to provide your clients with a luxury agency experience that will back up your $5K, $10K or even $15K offers

  • You're ready to stop feeling like an imposter and gain the mindset tools you need to step into your role as CEO

You’re not ready to take this course if:

  • You’re not open to adjusting your processes to scale your business

  • You don’t care about adding extra income sources

  • You don't want to improve your client process

  • You don't care about creating a steady stream of clients

  • You’re not interested in putting in the time to learn new skills that’ll improve your business

Because it’s possible to have both a thriving design business AND work on your own terms. 

Most courses in the design industry focus on the promise that you can “walk in and start making $100k”…That’s not how I built my business. I believe that steady and sustainable growth matters more than measuring success with a one-size-fits all number. Dream Big Designer focuses on quality clients, building a team to actually scale the business (instead of just skyrocketing your rates and hoping clients will come), and creating a business that affords you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


This course is going to add on to whatever working knowledge you already have in your business. This isn’t simply how to get started, this is how to pick up where you are now and charge full steam ahead to build your business into the AUTHORITY in your industry. You may have consistent income from clients already, but do you have a plan to actually grow your business to the point where you can live the lifestyle that you want? This course takes you from where you are in your journey to a sustainable business that can function mostly without you, so you have more time for traveling, self care, and your family. 


I know when you don’t have a ton of extra cash, investing in your business can be scary. But you know what comes from investing back in your business? Growth, increased financial success, living the lifestyle you want, feeling confident and in control of your biz, and reaching your goals. You can make back your investment with just one client at this price. Not to mention, this is an investment that’ll teach you tactics that you’ll be using in 20 years from now. 


But hold up, what if…

Let's take your biz from struggling solopreneur to luxury agency owner

Join us now before the $500 off discount ends!

Enroll in Dream Big Designer

Purchase the course with a payment plan or pay in full. You can use a credit card or PayPal.


You’ll receive a welcome email

Within an hour after purchasing, we’ll send you an email with all of the details you need to get started.


Immediate course access

You’ll get immediate access to the course curriculum when you enroll. That means you could get started TODAY!


Here's what happens when you buy today: 

You want to build a successful design biz, but...

You need a roadmap that shows you:

  • How to find high ticket clients in the first place

  • How to scale your business when you already feel like you're working too much

  • How to stand out in a market that is too saturated with designers

  • How to charge those wildest-dreams rates with offers to back up the price points

  • How to surpass your financial goals with multiple income streams

Picture this:

​You only take on a few projects a month, for clients that perfectly fit your niche, and trust YOU as the expert. You can work anywhere, anytime, and on your own terms because you've got a bada$$ team and systems in place that allow your business to run without you (bye bye, busywork!). Your clients absolutely RAVE about the luxury experience you provide, and send a consistent stream of referrals your way. Oh and the cherry on top? You’re making more than you ever have since you've diversified your income streams, adding passive products to amplify your revenue from client work. Imagine the freedom, peace of mind, and confidence you’ll feel in yourself and your business.

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Your dreams of freedom and flexibility in your business* (*I'm looking at you, tropical vacation) paired with skyrocketed financial growth are NOT impossible to reach. Let's make this your year, and build an agency that allows you to work less (and travel more), become booked-out with dream clients, and reach new heights in revenue with passive income streams. It's time to step into your CEO mindset, and scale your business without just working more.

It's time to stop playing small and start dreaming bigger

You're here because:

  • You’re not making the $$ you want from your existing client projects, but you don’t feel “good enough” to charge more

  • You don’t have enough hours in a day to tackle your to-do list, and suffer from “this will be faster if I just do it myself” syndrome

  • You are so ready to finally stop feeling like an imposter and start playing in the big leagues

Get to know us

Take it from our students:

Take it from our students:

Meet your teacher

Hey friend, I’m Meredith! CEO + Creative Director of Quixotic Design Co., and brand and web design expert.


I went from 9-5 corporate designer working with high-profile brands, to broke freelance designer, working from my studio apartment, to thriving CEO of my own design agency* (*see also: quadrupling my 9-5 income and working on my own terms) in just a few years. 


With all of this agency experience, I really know what it looks like to create a luxury offer that will allow you to charge high ticket prices with integrity. I created this course because I wish someone had taken me under their wing a few years ago and shown me a real formula for scaling a business. No matter where you are in your design journey, scaling and success is possible for you with the right guidance and support.


I want to teach you how to build your own agency and become the CEO you were born to be. Let's do this!

Get to know us


  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes! You can start today for just $297, and 5 monthly payments of $297 to follow.
  • Do I get support, community or 1:1 access to you?"
    You'll get access to our incredible, private Facebook community, as well as four monthly group coaching calls. You'll receive ONE 1:1 call with Meredith as a bonus.
  • Do I get lifetime access to the course material?
    You’ll have access to the course for as long as it exists. As of now, we don’t plan for it to expire. If anything changes, we’ll let you know 6 months in advance.
  • Do I need experience before starting DBD?
    DBD is for both seasoned designers and new beginners. No matter where you are in your design biz journey, the principles we teach in this course will help you to scale.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    If you can show me that you’ve gone through the course modules, checklists, and workbooks, put in the work that we cover in the course, and still don’t see any return, we will refund you. Otherwise, we do not offer refunds. Refunds will not be considered or granted after 14 days of purchase.
  • How much time do I need to set aside to take the course?
    We recommend you set aside 2-4 hours per week to go through the program and implement the assignments.


Become a high ticket designer

Learn how to elevate and scale your design business to the high ticket level

You're early!

Bookmark this page and refresh before our workshop together on September 17th, 2021 at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET! You'll be able to watch the workshop directly from this page, no Zoom account required.  

PS: You will see this page until the live session begins.

And I love that you're excited!

Be sure to refresh the page! See you soon, designer!

Imagine what you’re going to feel like once you’ve surpassed your income goals, with a rockstar team to help you, and you're booked-out in advance with dream clients!

  • You’re working with pushy clients that lowball you and ask for hourly rates

  • You know your work and time have more value, but you’re afraid to charge more

  • You’ve been putting your business on the back burner so you can focus on your clients, holding yourself back from scaling your biz

  • You’re already working too dang much and you don’t want to add even more to your plate

  • You’re working on what seems like hundreds of to-dos as a solopreneur, and need guidance on what to focus your energy on to grow into an agency

  • You wish someone would just take you by the hand and show you the exact steps to take to build a successful agency


By following my framework for building a profitable design agency you'll work less and make more.

Your dream design business awaits.

If you’re ready to stop working with pushy clients that lowball you, working too much without reaching your income goals, and feeling like you’re not good enough, I hear you. Dream Big Designer will help you build an agency that allows you to surpass your income goals without sacrificing your personal life!

Want a roadmap to
help you get there?

It’s up to you:

You can keep trying to figure out how to scale your business on your own in the little free time that you have, putting your client work first and your business on the back burner.

Get to know us


You could use my step-by-step framework to scale your business into an agency, raising your rates, adding product funnels, and booking out months in advance with high ticket clients. 

Bonus #2

Sit down 1-on-1 with me (Founder + CEO of Quixotic Design Co.) to get direct feedback on your offer suite, brand assets, and/or website in a 20 minute call.

Get to know us

1:1 call with Meredith




Get to know us

Your ultimate guide to building your dream life and net worth with an agency model.

Become a high ticket designer

Learn how to elevate and scale your design business to the high ticket level

Use the link below to enroll in Dream Big Designer for $500 off!

By choosing this option, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions


and save $500


  • 8 Modules of video trainings

  • Done-for-you scripts and templates

  • Checklists and workbooks

  • Dubsado and Asana templates

  • Bonus Rates Calculator

  • Bonus 1:1 call with Meredith

  • Private facebook community

  • 1:1 coaching via Slack


6 payments of $297

start for just $297!


  • 8 Modules of video trainings

  • Done-for-you scripts and templates

  • Checklists and workbooks

  • Dubsado and Asana templates

  • Bonus Rates Calculator

  • Bonus 1:1 call with Meredith

  • Private facebook community

  • 1:1 coaching via Slack


I want you to get results like these:

Bonus #3

Get 3 months of chat support from me via Slack. I'll answer all of your questions about the DBD modules, finding high-ticket clients, raising your prices, building passive income funnels, and more!

Get to know us

1:1 coaching via Slack

"I was able to raise my rates and I booked my first three clients all within the first couple weeks of the course!!"


"Just yesterday I received THREE inquiries in 2 hours... which was unheard of before!"