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Finally, you can get a website up even if you don't know a thing about design and don't have the budget to hire a designer.


Launch your dream site in a week

We’re not simply sending you a website template and peacing out… (wham, bam…you get the picture). We’re giving you a proprietary roadmap to plan, customize and launch your new site, supporting you every step of the way with a professionally designed website framework, 2 weeks of customer email support, walk-through training videos, and access to our tried and true launch planning formula.

If your site's more basic than bossy, this is for you.

Sound familiar?

You’ve built your business, content, and brand from scratch, and now all you need is a website where you can direct your potential clients and showcase your work. So you reach out to a few designers to build your dream website for you. Easy!

But you realize quickly that your small business budget is a few dollars short of a custom website. *deflates balloon*


So now you're on your own for design, wondering...

  • How do I even start?

  • How do I learn how to code?

  • Which platform should I use?​

  • Should I postpone my launch since I don’t have a website?

  • Is launching a website even worth the time it takes to build one?

welcome to overwhelm city!

Imagine if...

  • You had an exact framework to map out all of our site's copy, images, layout and design

  • You could scale your business to $8K months by selling your offers online

  • You could send potential clients from the DM's straight to your sexy new website

  • You could finally launch the site of your dreams 


Let's take the overwhelm out of the whole DIY process

Here’s what you need:

a user-friendly approach

You need some guidance on which platform is really the most user-friendly, and tips to learning how to use it with ease. No more trial and error with different platforms - you’ve got the ONE that’s best for you.

a website that feels like you

You’ve seen other website templates, and they don’t quite feel like YOU. You need a highly-customizable DIY solution that allows you to interject your own brand personality in a big way.

a speedy af launch

Ready to launch your website like yesterday? You need a template that’s pre-designed AND developed, so with just a few little style tweaks, you can make it ready to launch. 

We hear you. We’ve created dynamic, DIY-friendly website templates that allow you to effortlessly infuse your unique personality into a professionally-designed website framework, all while launching your site in just a few days.

wix website templates


The Quixotic Template Shop


They're not like regular templates...

Most popular website templates are delivered with little to no instruction, and some even require you to RE-BUILD the site once you’ve completed your purchase. Is it me, or does buying a template that’s not pre-developed without any guidance sound like too much work and a waste of money?

Enter our website templates:  100% fully developed websites for desktop and mobile, complete with a series of training videos to help you master the customization part. All you have to do? Swap out your colors, text, and images…and BOOM! You’re ready to launch.

Our templates...

  • pre-built

    No hidden extra work for you here. Our templates are completely developed and optimized for desktop and mobile in the WIX editor.

  • user-friendly

    We’ve searched high and low to find the perfect combination of user-friendliness and design freedom in an editing platform. WIX is that solution.

  • truly customizable

    Easily swap out images, text, colors, backgrounds, videos and more. Our templates allow you to let your brand’s unique style shine through. The sky is truly the limit here!

  • come with guidance

    We’re not the type to leave you hanging with no answers…that’s why all of our templates come with a free video course to walk you through how to edit your new site.

already sold?

What's included:

your template

  • Professionally designed for WIX

  • Optimized for desktop and mobile

  • Pre-built

  • Easy-to-customize

  • Made for your unique niche

worth $3,375

instructional videos

  • Account setup in WIX

  • How to customize your template

  • How to set up your blog

  • How to set up your online store

  • How to transfer your domain and launch!

worth $500

All of this for $3,875

ONLY $397

Yep, you read that right. Now let's launch your dream site!

Want results like these?

Meet your designer

Hey friend! I’m Meredith, founder of Quixotic Design Co. and specialist in helping woman-owned businesses level up their design game.

I already know we’re going to get along great, fellow DIY-er, and here’s why: I am a SELF-taught designer - meaning I did NOT go to design school. 

I left my years of agency experience behind to pursue my passion of helping female entrepreneurs create their dream brands.

Since I launched my studio, I’ve been busy:
Helping fellow female entrepreneurs build their dream brands, working with clients that I never DREAMED of working with, building a team of intelligent, talented women and more than doubling my agency salary in less than 3 years.


Got questions?

What platform are your templates made for?

We design all of our templates for You must have a account to use our templates.

I don't know anything about websites... Is this right for me?

We design our templates to be extremely user-friendly so you can spend less time stressing about the technicalities and more time enjoying your beautiful new website. With your template purchase, you'll receive access to our Website Template Academy, a collection of step-by-step videos that will walk you through how to easily edit your site. The best part? Your template purchase includes support from us. Got a question? Reach out!

I purchased my domain elsewhere... Can I still buy a template?

Yes! Transferring your domain is a quick and easy process. Check out this helpful tutorial:

Do I need a paid WIX account to use a template?

No, you do not need a paid account, however if you want to remove ads from your site, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Learn more about WIX premium plans here:

Can I add a shop or blog to my site?

Absolutely! If your template does not already include an online shop or a blog, you can manually add both of these features on your new site.

Do I need to have Photoshop or any other programs to edit my template?

Nope! We design your entire template within's platform. That way, you've got a one-stop shop to completing your website.

What's your return policy?

Due to the online nature of our website templates, we do not accept returns of any templates and will under no circumstances issue refunds.


Let's DIY this!

Start customizing your dream site today with the help of our easy-to-use, high-converting templates


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